A Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

There is no denying that the transition and conversion to a Charter School was hard work, bogged down by endless amounts of paper, reports and trips to Trenton. Since we were already in the business of nurturing children and helping them grow, it was sometimes easy to forget why we were taking it all on.

A solemn reminder hit me in early September, as I sat down with my morning coffee. I opened The Star Ledger to horrific news. The headline read “Ten Days, 10 Dead; Shooting Deaths Plague Newark.” Chills spread throughout my body.

It’s as if we live on a cloud at 342 Central Avenue, above all of the violence, hate and negativity, in an idyllic palace, nurturing the princes and princesses who skip through our doors every day. I often forget the violence and hopelessness that haunts the city. Even our students, who walk from neighborhoods where these stories are more than just a headline, seem to feel the weight of the world lifted off their shoulders as they walk through our ‘castle’ doors.

We hope that our efforts are part of the greater attempt by many in Newark, to rid the city of tragedy. With greater amounts of fundraising, we can extend our mission beyond just our cloud and reach new heights in education and community outreach. Friends, I hope you’ll join our crusade and help empower the children of Newark with your love and support.

Warm regards,
Miguel J. Brito

Miguel J. Brito
Executive Director, Philip’s Education Partners
CEO & Lead Founder, Philip’s Academy

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